“Once Upon A Time”

Uniquely elegant and imaginative, Svetik’s Haute Couture redefines high-fashion bridal luxury.

An artist practically from birth, Svetik learned from early childhood the beauty awaiting within the world of fashion by inheriting traditions and family secrets from her grandmother; valuable techniques which would serve her well later in her journey as a couture fashion designer.

At the age of eleven, she graduated from simple Barbie doll dresses to her first custom gown design – a prom dress for her older sister, who had been heartbroken for a week over having no dress to wear to this important event. With no material to work with, Svetik utilized her budding creative instincts – by taking down the beautiful embroidered living room sheers while their Mother was on a long business trip!

Naturally, when confronted with the missing curtains, Mother was quite unhappy, and Svetik still remembers being grounded for hiding the truth about their whereabouts. But all that changed forever, when later that day her older sister arrived home from school, and they were able to reveal a breathtakingly detailed gown crafted in just two days from the missing curtains. After seeing their radiantly happy eldest daughter in such an astounding work of art, her parents realized just how very gifted their youngest was – and amid tears of joy, the family celebrated her artistic talent together.

Since that day so many years ago, Svetik has used her unique skills and sophisticated vision to design countless custom wedding dresses. She firmly believes in the individual beauty and uniqueness of each individual, and that belief carries over into every handworked detail of her luxury gowns. She strives to create a look of pure elegance while maintaining the personality and uniqueness which makes every woman so very special.

If you are looking for a traditional or original Bridal Gown or Wedding Dress, Svetik’s Haute Couture will create your one-of-a-kind style, beginning from a very friendly warm conversation, to her drawing sketches and then finally making your unique design a reality as you slip it on.

Svetik’s Haute Couture is committed to offering its customers the very latest in custom design, combining exceptional quality with elegant detail to produce the highest level of couture fashion. Svetik specializes in designing beautiful, one-of-a-kind wedding dresses and special event gowns, always accentuating the individual’s personality while still maintaining the highest level of sophistication.

If you are considering a custom bridal gown or wedding dress, Svetik has the experience, the talent, and the artistry to bring your dream dress from imagination to reality. Beginning with a warm conversation and custom sketches of your vision, she then uses the highest quality fabrics to make your dream come to life. Luxury lace, tulle, silk, organza, taffeta, exquisite beading, and hand-sewn Swarovski Crystals are just a few of the many options available in your custom creation.

Look no further in your search for the gown of your dreams: because from Once Upon a Time to Happily Ever After, Svetik’s Haute Couture makes dreams come true.

“Uniquely elegant and imaginative, Svetik’s Haute Couture redefines high-fashion bridal luxury.”