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About Us

Svetik's Haute Couture Boutique is designing the dresses that are worth keeping for your daughters various styles, being inspired by the fashion of different eras and along the way, using new techniques, new fabrics & embellishments. Behind each creative project to design a one of a kind masterpiece hides long hours of innovations, hand-crafts and long hours of work, even the fabrics are dyed by the team themselves.
Svetik is a true Cutire, she prefers to sew from the latest fabrics imported from European countries, uses silk, chiffon, organza and extraordinarily beautiful laces. All dresses consist of the lower part - the base, and the upper part, which can be completely tra so do one of kind embellishments and embroidery beautiful appliques. As an example, it could be embroidered laces with  manually sewn or glued Swarovski crystals, pearls or decorated with the best fitting  applications of various combinations and colors. Svetik's team is driven to design truly bespoke masterpieces where the bride and the dress to be as a whole, because Svetiks believes that even a every little thing plays a huge role: every button, every embroidered element of the pattern, or a composition that makes the wedding dress unique, one of a kind to fulfill bride's lifetime dream.
At the meeting with the bride, Svetik always discusses in detail the client's vision and tastes, as well as the style of the wedding, in order to fit the future outfit into the concept as accurately as possible.Then Svetik moves on to reviewing fabrics and examples of dresses designs, draws a sketch and stars her creative work by following bride's dream. Each unique wedding dress or special event's gown takes from 80-300 plus hours of  dedicated handwork and sophisticated crafts. The brand's concept is to reveal and highlight the natural beauty of every bride. Svetik pays special attention to such an element as a Veil, recalling its unforgettable timeless value, and of course, to show that a Veil can be not less beautiful than the wedding dress itself. Svetik's Haute Couture Boutique creates custom Veils and Headwear in different styles by order.
Svetik's Haute Couture Boutique wedding dresses are the defining personification and flawless lines. Its brand  is an excellent example of a successful combination of timeless classics and modern trends. Svetik's Haute Couture Boutique brand's team pays close attention to detail, works hard on the image of each bride and strives to convey all the tenderness and sensuality through their products.