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Our Couture Designs, Continued

... Svetik is a true Couture; she prefers to sew from the latest fabrics imported from European countries, including silk, chiffon, organza and extraordinarily beautiful laces.


All dresses consist of the lower part - the base, and the upper part, which can be completely transformed,  so you can add one of kind embellishments or embroidery with beautiful appliques.

 For example, a dress could be embroidered with laces, manually sewn on, or designed with Swarovski crystals or pearls, all of which are all hand glued in place.

Svetik's team is driven to design truly bespoke masterpieces where the bride and the dress are to be as a whole, because Svetik's believes that every little thing plays a huge role:

every button, every embroidered element of the pattern, or a composition that makes the wedding dress unique, is one of a kind design to fulfill bride's lifetime dream.

Svetik's Haute Couture Boutique wedding dresses are the defining personification and flawless lines. Its brand is an excellent example of a successful combination of timeless classics and modern trends.

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